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VitaLink Research

This project was created while working at 3 Owl.

Database driven-website

After several acquisitions and changes, VitaLink was ready for the next phase of their company’s growth, needing flexibility for expansion and cohesion across their multistate locations. Their story over the years had slowly focused its attention on their growing community of doctors and locations and being more accessible with what they offer to their ever growing patient network.

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Brand Evolution

Wishing to be more approachable, all photography was directly to be soft and show doctor-patient relationships. The brand was also softened by reimagining all colors and fonts and by adding a supportive iconography system to clearly display what all VitaLink offered.

Database Driven Website

During a time of expansion, VitaLink wanted to look cohesive and marketable for acquisition, so we worked with their limited database of locations, doctors, and therapeutic areas to create a network that would be both easy to navigate as a user, while also easy to populate for VitaLink.

Best Pharmaceutical Website

MUSE Awards