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Post Meridiem

This project was created while working at 3 Owl, but wasn’t finished to completion.

Systematic packaging

Working within limited design flexibility, content, and time restrictions, Georgia’s first to-market canned cocktail needed to be systematically reenvisioned to prepare for expansion of products.

Strengthening brand

Stark boldness was the main brand attributes of Post Meridem, which were amplified in the brand simplification. In doing so, the total color count was reduced from 19 to 2 per can and all colors were modified to ensure appropriate contrast. Next, the total font count was reduced from 5 to 2 and was replaced with a variable font to ensure flexibility for all titles.

Systematic Lockup

Every decision of graphic and type placement had a specific reason and justification behind it, making the product label a fool-proof template for the growth of the company.

Old cans overlayed

New cans overlayed