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Great American Cookie

This project was created while working at 3 Owl but wasn’t finished to completion.

Improving e-Commerce experience

Great American Cookie Company is nationally franchised with 300+ stores. In the fall of 2019, 3 Owl launched the company’s first raw-product, e-commerce site. Starting in 2020, the client wanted both functional and structural changes to prepare for the vast growth of their e-commerce store.

Solidifying Systems

In order to understand the pre-existing site and to make informed improvements, it was important to collaborate with our off-site development team. All of the systems and third-party integrations of our e-commerce site were solidified and mapped out to understand the impact of the new features we were incorporating.

Simplifying E-Commerce

The initial site launched with the out-of-the-box WooCommerce experience with a branded re-skin. We wanted to increase the experience of the checkout to be more user-friendly. Under the guidance of the Creative Director and Art Director, I audited the best-in-class e-commerce sites available and identified the best features that we could mimic in our checkout experience.